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Pacific Motor Boat

Monthly magazine published Seattle 1908 – June 1952. Seattle WA. Public Library, Main Branch, holds only known complete collection.

Dec. 1919. Page. 32. Small Auxiliary Cruiser by Halliday.
Feb. 1920. See article; ‘A Motorship for Freighting in the Arctic’. (LADY KINDERSLEY)
Dec. 1920. Page 44. Halliday mentioned.
Jan. 1921. Page 58. Halliday mentioned.
Feb. 1921. Page 23. Halliday mentioned.
Aug. 1921. Page obscured. Halliday mentioned.
June 1923. Page 33. LA REINE featured.
Aug. 1923. Page 27. MAPLE, OAK, ALDER, ARBUTUS, and BIRCH. Forestry Launches. 30’ x 8’.

Bibliography Harbour Shipping Halliday VesselsJan. 1924. Page 43. Coast Mission vessel to be built by Hoffar. Halliday mentioned.
June 1924. Page 30. Halliday mentioned.
July 1924. Page 34. 42′ launch for Forestry Department. SCALER..
July 1924. Page 43. RENDEZVOUS. Coast Mission launch being built by Hoffar Motor Boat Co. Raised deck type by Tom Halliday. Compromise stern, 4 cylinder Kermath.
Aug. 1924. Page 36. Halliday mentioned.
Aug. 1924. See monthly column. “Among the Bread Earners”. Halliday mentioned.
Nov. 1924. Page 228. SCALER mentioned.
Dec. 1924. Page 34. MINENA. Built in Hong Kong, 1924 for Comdr. Harry T. Barnes.
See: A Century of Sailing‘ by Reksten.
One of the first R.V.Y.C. boats to enter Swiftsure, and rumoured to be a rumrunner.
Dec. 1924. Annual issue. Halliday mentioned.

March 1925. Page 34. Halliday mentioned.
April 1925. Page 26. LILLIAN D. mentioned.
Sept. 1925. Page 28.
Nov. 1925. Page 21. LILLIAN D. mentioned.
Jan. 1926. Page 31.
May 1927. Page 28. MARATEA. mentioned.
May 1927. Page 93.
Nov. 1932. Page 28. Auto ferry for Kootenay Lake described. 250 h.p. diesel powered. ANSCOMB. ].
June 1933. Page 30. 33′ Hunting cabin cruiser for Gordon Sweet described. Halliday credited. Built by Coal Harbour Shipyards. 18 h.p. Vivian.
March. 1933. Page 29. Capt. George Waard, transpacific yachtsman, reported with Halliday plans for vessel to be built in Hong Kong. Vessel described is a 50 foot ketch with 1200 s.f. working sail and with a two cylinder Vivian engine.
March. 1933. Page 29. Halliday’s design of a 45′ X 12′ Fishing craft for Sam Peterson to be started shortly at Cameron’s Yard in Coal Harbour.
Sept. 1933. Page 19.
Dec. 1933. Page obscured.
Dec. 1939. Page 30.

Harbour and Shipping

Monthly magazine published in Vancouver B.C. Microfilmed at Victoria Public Library.
April 1927. Page 178. Halliday mentioned.
June 1927. Page 267. Halliday’s and Bell-Irving mentioned.
Nov. 1927. Page 508. George Kidd orders a Halliday.
April 1928. Page 213. HERMIT mentioned.
August 1928. Page 407. Halliday design described for Mr. Burgh of Prevost Island.
Nov. 1928. Page 560. Halliday vessel described.
Feb. 1929. Page 91. EALASAID described and Halliday mentioned.
March 1929. George Kidd’s power cruiser HERMIT. Linton’s yard, 48’ x 11’ Halliday mentioned.
May 1929. Page 139. Small craft list. Page 147. HERMIT mentioned. Pages 243-244—33’ and 36’ cruisers and EILEEN. Halliday associated.
Sept. 1929. Page 435. EILEEN mentioned.
Oct. 1929. Page 475. ST.ROCHE (sp). mentioned.
Dec. 1929. Page 575. 32’ Halliday design for J. Buchannan mentioned.
March 1930. Page 137. CHERIE for Col. Holmes.
May 1930. Page 224. LA REINE featured.
June 1930. Page 272. AGAZZIS, Agazzis-Rosedale ferry. Halliday mentioned.
July 1930. Page 315. Halliday vessel for C.W Lovett.
August 1930. Page 355. Seine boat by Halliday mentioned.
Sept. 1930. Page 399.’Mosquito Fleet Notes’. Ocean Falls tug by Halliday.
Oct. 1930. Page 439. KAMB #1. 42’ Tug for B.C. Electric Co. Shipped by rail to Stave Lake. Halliday mentioned.
March 1931. Page 115. TACONITE mentioned. Page 121. RUSKIN mentioned. Page 123. Halliday advertisement. Page 124. WYRILL mentioned.
April 1931. Page 160. Halliday’s personal vessel EILEEN reported sold to new owners.
May 1931. Page 196. Particulars of design and economics of ferry AGAZZIS.
June 1931. Page 235. COQUET with Capt. Waard mentioned. Page 236. AGAZZIS ferry.
July 1931. Page 260. Capt.Waard mentioned. Page 268. AGAZZIS ferry mentioned.
Dec. 1931. Page 449. See ‘List of Boats’
Feb. 1932. Page 58. Capt. Ward and COQUET mentioned.
Oct. 1932. Page 285. Kootenay Lake ferry mentioned. ANSCOMB. Department of Public Works.
Dec. 1932. Page 343. KAMB #1. 40’x11’ tug.
Jan. 1935. Page 24. ‘Mosquito notes’. Vessels mentioned.
Feb. 1935. Page 47. Halliday design for 25 footer mentioned.
March. 1935. Page 86. Halliday wins prize in design completion.
Dec. 1935. Page 304. 32 foot sailboat for A.C. Cox. Construction by J.T. Taylor.
Dec. 1937. Page 323. Halliday mentioned.
Dec. 1935. Page 304. Halliday vessels mentioned.
Oct. 1947. Page 609. HYMAC mentioned with photo.
March 1948. Page 127. Roedde class HYMAC.
April 1948. Page 240. SEAWAVE mentioned with photo.
Aug. 1948. Page 469. CARITA II mentioned with photo.

Further Reading

The Big Ship by Henry A. Larsen. McClelland and Stewart Limited.
John Scott Russel by George S. Emerson. Victoria Public Library. 926.2382 Rus.
Forest Ranger Ahoy by Michael Coney. Porthole Press Limited.
Annals Royal Vancouver Yacht Club 1903-1965 by Norman Hacking with George A. Cran. Evergreen Press.
A Century of Sailing by Terry Reksten. Orca Press 1992.
Coasters by Rob Morris. Horsdahl & Schubart 1993.
The Man Who Saved Vancouver by Daphne Sleigh. Heritage House 2008.

Halliday Vessels

AGASSIZ–see: H & S., June 1930 page 272. 22′ X 30′ X 4′ car ferry for Agassiz to Rosedale. see: text.

ALDER–built 1921 by Hoffar Bros. Vancouver. Damaged by fire in 1922 as reported in ‘Forest Ranger, Ahoy’. Blimp.

ANSCOMB–44 car ferry for Kootenay Lake. see: P.M.B. Nov. ’32 page 28. Public Works Department.

AQUILA ex WILDCAT–O.N. 311208. Hi-Ho sloop, built by Taylor Shipyard, and sailed to the Queen Charlottes and back to Vancouver by Alan Katowitz (1977).

ARBUTUS–‘Blimp’, built 1921 by Hoffar Bros. Vancouver.

ARIKI–Spencer Class. Built by Boeing’s Shipyard, Vancouver 1937.

ARMIDA–36 foot yawl. Built at Coal Harbour Shipyards, 1935. See P.M.B. Jan. 1926. See ‘Annals of R.V.Y.C. page 46.

ATKINSON–Vancouver Harbour Commission…harbour utility boat,
see: P.M.B. January 1922.

BALSAM and BIRCH–built 1921 by V.M. Dafoe, Vancouver.

BROADCASTER–see ‘Among the Breadearners’. P.M.B. Jan/July 1924 Built 1924, Vancouver. 31 feet, 7 tons gross. Columbia Coast Mission. O.N. 151211.

CANCOLIM–built by Menchions 1939 as a work-cruiser. Used to carry service personel to fish processing plants coast wide. Featured in P.M.B. Dec. 1939.

CARITA–original SPENCER class. Built by Boeing Shipyard in Coal Harbour 1936. see ‘Annals of the R.Vancouver Y.C. page 148.

CARITA ll–30′ Spencer.

CHERRY— see P.M.B. July 1922. Fire patrol launches for the B.C. Forestry Service. Blimp.

CHERIE–36′ yawl O.N. 154849, built by Pacific Shipyards for Col. W.J. Holmes, B.C. surveyor General. 1928. 20 H.P. Ailsa Craig gas engine. see: text, H & S March 1930, page 137.



DISCOVERY— built for Captain Beaumont of Discovery Island B.C. in Hong Kong. see P.M.B. Sept. 1925. see ‘100 YRS. of Sailing’ by Terry Reksten. Lost in Enterprise Channel, December 5, 1950.

EALASAID–built by Ken MacKenzie, 1930. 32 foot sloop. Won Lipton Cup in Cowichan Bay 1952. see ‘Annals of the R. Vancouver Y.C.’ page 48. H & S. August 1928. and text.

EILEEN–Harbour and Shipping 1929. 33′ yawl built 1904. Design by Mower. This vessel known to have been owned for a period by Tom Halliday. See Annals of R.V.Y.C. page 48.

ELOMAR–Hi-Ho Sloop.

ELUSIVE–O.N. 179600. Roedde 34′. Built by Tom Taylor Boatyard in 1948. Seen in Genoa Bay summer 1995. This is a twin to MISS LEE from the same builder.

ERRANT I –Hi-Ho sloop.


FANTASIE II–Roedde 34′.

FUNDY II ex SHANGRI-LA II–O.N. 171621. Hi-Ho Sloop. See ‘Annals of R. Vancouver Y.C.

GALASAID—particulars unknown.

GANESSA–O.N. 158570. 28 foot C class sloop built by J.A. Longley in 1934. see ‘Annals of R.V.Y.C.

GILLSPRAY— work tug (log towing) See: Harbour and Shipping February 1939. 65′ X 17′. Six cyclinder, direct reversing Union Diesel.

HELENA B— ex IPHIS. see Annals Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

HERMIT–see: H & S. April 1928, August 1930. 35 h.p. Gardner, built for Geo. Kidd 1929 by A. Linton & Co. Renamed and rebuilt as WELLS GRAY. Forestry Patrol vessel. (1938).

HI HO–built by Tom Taylor in 1938. ‘C’ class sloop after which the class was named.

HI HO II–O.N. 171819. Joseph Gilbert Hooley, 4769 West 7th. Avenue, Vancouver B.C. (1994).

HYMAC–34 foot Roedde.

IPHIS–see: P.M.B. Aug ’16. D.H. Bale, Victoria. see:: HELENA B.


KAMB #1–small tug. Built in 12 days. Vancouver City Archives, photo collection.

KITIMAT–O.N. 171785. Fisheries Patrol/replaced GIVENCHY. see: Harbour and Shipping April 1939. Built by W.R. Menchions on Coal Harbour. At 87′ X 15 1/2′ KITIMAT complemented the larger NITINAT. Both built within months of each other they were powered by the latest 8 cylinder diesels by Vivian.

LADY KINDERSLEY— H.B.C. Arctic supply vessel. see: P.M.B. February 1920. July 1922.. see: H.B.C. quarterly ‘Beaver’, June 1951, and text.

LADY LUCK–30 ft. Spencer class. Built at Boeings Shipyard 1937.

LA REINE–3rd. vessel for Harold Jones of Vancouver Tug. see: P.M.B. June 1923, p.33, August 1924 p.36.

LE GARDE–Vancouver Tugboat Co. Built in Marpole by Askew and Sinclair. 85′ X 21.5′

LEOLA V.–Built 1928 by Geo. Askew for Bill Vivian. 39′ X 10′. 60 H.P. main, 12 H.P. aux. Confirmed by Bunty’s album. see: H & S. March 1929.

LEQUIME…see: Yarrows list. Hull #103. Highways Ferry. 122″ x 41′ 248 tons. Built 1947. see: ‘Marine History of the Pacific Northwest. by H. W. McCurdy.

LILLIAN D–O.N. 152664. Built 1925, Prince Rupert B.C., Forestry Vessel. Registered to Skyline Enterprises Ltd., 317-713 Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.

LILLOOET–Canadian Hydrographic Service. First reported 1908. see: B.C.A. PHOTO; neg. #F-3551. Perhaps designed by Halliday in England. see: A History of the Pacific Northwest by H.W. McCurdy. see: Shipyards of British Columbia. by G.W. Taylor. p 190.

LORRAINE–one design 25′ cutter motorsailor. Seattle, home port. Seen at Port Townsend 1985.

MAPLE— (Forestry vessel) original Blimp. see: Forest Ranger Ahoy, by Coney.

MARATEA–O.N. 154545. Originally built for W.O. Bell in 1927. by Linton’s.. See: photo in the Annals of R.V.Y.C. see: P.M.B. 1927.

MARCELLE II— 32 foot sloop. built by Frank Goodwin 1950. O.N. 190282. Registered to: John Edward McInerney, P.O. Box 99, Bamfield B.C. (1994).

MINENA–built Hong Kong 1924 for Harold T. Barnes. Well documented in ‘A Century of Sailing’ see: P.M.B. Dec. 1924.

MISS LEE–O.N. 190283. 34′ Roedde. French Creek 1994. Registered to: Gustav Stipdonk, 5161 River Road, Port Alberni, B.C. (1994).

MURRULET–Cowichan Bay boat. 24 feet. Built in Naniamo 1930.

NITINAT— Fisheries Patrol. see Harbour and Shipping April/May 1939. Built by Star Shipyard (Mercer) Ltd. 107′ (100′ bp) X 18′. Direct reversing 8 cylinder Vivian developing 320 h.p. 12.4 knots on trials.

PETITE AMIE ex. CHERE AMIE. O.N. 172511 built 1940 by J. Taylor Boatbuilders.

RENDEZVOUS–44′ mission vessel. Vancouver Province 1930. See: Bunty’s scrapbook. Registered to Rendezvous Dive Ventures Ltd. Port Alberni B.C. (1994)

RRIENA— Hi-Ho sloop.

RUSKIN O.N. 156896

SAGA–Hi-Ho sloop. Taylor Boat Works 1949.


SEA WAVE–O.N.150979. Early diesel tug. Registered to: Sea Wave Charters Ltd., 7202 Ross Street. Vancouver B.C. (1994).

SECOND PRIZE–Motorsailer designed 1935. Halliday’s response to a competition offered by Yachting Monthly and Motor Boating Magazine. 42′ O.A. see: text.

SIR RON–30′ Spencer.


SPINDRIFT VII–this vessel was in the R.Victoria Y.C. and believed belonged to Dr. Sinclair during the sixties. Now registered to Dr. McCaw and still fleet member at R.V.Y.C. Built in Victoria in 1938. see: photo.

SPOOKY (Tooky)? –owned by Marlyn Horsdahl, now with a relative. see: photo. 1993.

ST. ROCH. Ottawa National Archives. 1928.

TAHUNA O.N. 158908.–local boat, knowledgeable owner/photos. Registered to: Lyle Danial Pahl, P.O. Box 2361, Sidney, B.C. (1994).

TYEE #1–built for Horie & Latimer Construction by Benson. 60′ X 16′ with 160 H.P. Atlas-Imperial. see Harbour & Shipping.

TOM BOY II–Roedde 34′

TREVIDA–O.N. 179063. Roedde 34′. Registered to: Dianne Elizabeth Christensen, #901-1176 Burnaby Street, Vancouver B.C. (1994)

VELARIS–48 foot A class sloop. Built in Crofton in 1953. See Annals of R.V.Y.C. page 250.

VOGAD–Spencer Class sloop

WELLS GRAY (FORESTRY) ex. HERMIT.– 48′ x 11.5′. Built by Linton & Co., 1927. see ANTIQUES AFLOAT, Annals of R.V.Y.C. page 93, Harbour and Shipping, November 1927. page 508. rebuilt and renamed, 1938 by B.C. Forestry Department.

WEST VANCOUVER VI–North Shore Ferry see P.M.B. FEB. 1921. page. 23. Later became the Uchuck II. see: THE COASTERS by Rob Morris.

WILLENA F.–40 foot power cruiser built 1925 by Hoffar Motor Boat Co., for Gordon Farrell. see P.M.B. Mar. 1925, page 34., Annals of R.V. Y. C.

WYRILL–Boeing Shipyard. 1931. 62′ X 15′ for Pacific Mills at Ocean Falls. see: Harbour and Shipping March 1931.

Thomas Halliday


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