Thomas Halliday

A Guide To The Naval Architecture of Thomas Halliday

Wheelhouses, Raised Decks and Trunk Cabins

Tom worked here designing watercraft for 40 years and he left a diverse legacy of vessels in his wake. During the twenties and thirties Halliday was very busy from his office in Vancouver and many of his vessels tasted their salt and proved it too.

Halliday is mostly known as having penned the R.C.M.P. St. Roch but he left many others and some of his vessels still float and have significance. A designer of tugs, ferries, and patrol craft, and specific one-designs, his work has shaped the marine history of British Columbia. Most of his workcraft and utility vessels are now a memory but examples of his auxiliary sailors and cruisers are now cherished by owners, classic boat lovers and history buffs alike.

About This Site

This site is dedicated to the memory of Naval Architect, Thomas Halliday, his life, his boats and his designs.

About The Book

Geoffrey U. Potter attributed his book to Thomas Halliday the early years, the fleet, the legacy and the St. Roch.

The Mystery

Where is all of Thomas Hallidays work? Where did Tom’s wife Vera go after selling the house and making off with his work? Her disappearance left the Major at the Archives and Tom’s daughter Bunty, perplexed. Bunty was quoted as saying. “We were left nothing of his.” The purpose of my research and this website is to hopefully one day solve this mystery. Perhaps by discovering more information through the support of others who may have drawings and photographs to share.

The Early Years

Tom Halliday was born in Dumfries, Scotland in 1866. Situated on the Nith River and steeped in history, this most beautiful city has given us many inventions and more than it’s share of historic characters. Their house was a lively place. Often there were men from the trade. His people connected through his work, yard owners, builders and such and Bunty too.

RCMP St. Roch

“The RCMP Arctic patrol vessel M.V. St. Roch, which will leave Victoria soon for Halifax and the completion of a trip around North Amercia was designed by a prominent Vancouver naval architect, the late Thomas Halliday.”

Jim Fairley

Marine Editor of the Vancouver Daily Province, Along The Waterfront

Thomas Halliday


Visitors with an interest in Thomas Halliday and his work, are invited to share commentary, anecdotes and their knowledge of Thomas Hallidays work.  Any photographs you may have would be greatly appreciated.

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